I use a one-of-a-kind Hydro-Massage Ozone Therapy Machine for pets. Using the Ozone Hydro-massage and pet skin ozone therapies are therapeutic tools which can aid the groomer in regaining the health of the skin. In the end, the immune system has to do the work of healing the body and skin ozone therapy is best performed along with other treatment modalities in order to achieve the best results.

The number and frequency of treatments will vary with the condition being treated. A treatment plan is determined on an individual basis depending on the dog’s specific skin issues. By using our therapy products and the ozone machine you can obtain results that medications alone can’t do.

This unique machine can increase healing times during skin therapies. Not all pets were created equal so in turn not all allergy treatments should be the same. While we generally use the same cleanser and hydration products, detox can vary and many oils and lotions can be added to supplement your pet’s therapy. While the veterinarians work on the pet from the inside, the groomer should focus on helping the pets from the OUTSIDE through therapy bathing. Also with any itchy pet, using plenty of hydration/conditioner is VERY IMPORTANT! You must give back the oils to stop the dry itchiness! Our hydration/conditioner products will NEVER leave a pet greasy!

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